The Freshers Guide to LNMIIT

The college life has a lot to offer, which is probably why you feel a little clueless and intimidated right now. You might wake up in the morning every other day and feel a little nauseated and dizzy, even though your amazing mental strength got you through one of the toughest examinations of the world. And that’s alright!

Together, let’s bust some myths, confirm a few facts and finalize the whole truth.
Presenting to you, the LNMIIT Freshers’ Guide curated in an attempt to walk you through everything that this beautiful place has to offer.
The most innovative of minds at Media Cell have come together to create this awesome and unabridged version of the insanely awesome realities of college life at LNMIIT.

So yea, you can have all the answers, just dive in!
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P.S.: At the end of the guide, we have included a bucket-list as a challenge just for you!