What I Made

Our belief that how stories give birth to inspiration and innovations led us to establish a series of events which we proudly proclaim as ‘What I Made;____’, an amalgamation of artistic cum inspirational narratives, a noteworthy event to kindle the artistic souls and galvanize the inspiring minds.

Mountains of stones were impediments on road
My potency crushed them into granules of sand
Where my footprints got engraved
I’ve left trails for the passengers
And destiny is what I’ve Made

I’ve fallen in the dark paradise
And picked up the accusations that were tossed on me
And with grace, I’ve stood up each time
While Grandeur is what I’ve made

I’ve seen bonds breaking,
dreams crushing, tears dropping
From amongst the agony and squalor
Heaven is what I’ve made

I am the force, I make my fate
I am the reason why hurricanes are named after men
I am the revolution, I am the change
I am karma
And This is What I’ve Made

Media Cell, LNMIIT in association with Inking Thoughts instigated the first edition of the series ‘What I Made;____’ on the 6th of November, 2016, Sunday where we successfully accomplished our mission to drive the aspiring youth to craft their own journey, their own path, to take a step ahead towards their dream.

Our Story-Tellers

Venerable personages graced the occasion and motivated young aspirants with a profusion of inspirational and interactive talks.

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Our Story-Tellers

Mr. Navin Gulia, an internationally acclaimed adventurer, author, orator, a social worker, and an ex-army officer suffering from cerebral paralysis narrated his journey of achieving the impeachable, from getting injured at the age of 22 and creating unbeatable world records in adventure sports to receiving the Karmveer Chakra and becoming Global Indian of the Year.

Mr. Navpreet Singh, Founder, Humans of Jaipur City, is a conversation enthusiast who gets people to unearth ventures of their lives that inspire and motivate many generations. He enraptured the audience by his art and described the enigmatic ways of storytelling, through storytelling.

Ms. Nimisha Verma, a young nonconformist, a social activist, a svelte freelance model, founder of “Home for Artists” was someone who only had faith in heart and empty pockets when she left her home at 19, only to chase her maverick dreams and accomplishing them in real.

Mr. Prashant Mishra, author of the novel The Immortal Death, the youngest bestseller of India, the founder of Jaipur Youth Forum, someone who had also been an orator at Jaipur Literature Festival in the year 2016 joined us to teach us the deceiving ways of our minds.

The Universe is not made of atoms but of stories.

Past Events

This is What WE made;We are grateful to Imagination – The Photography & Cinematography Club for the amazing captures.

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