Movie Screening

It had been a hot minute since we took a breath, laid back and relaxed. For the students of LNMIIT, life had fallen into a slow-moving rut. To break that very monotony of examination stress and truckloads of pending assignments, the Media Cell, LNMIIT came up with the idea of organising a movie screening for the students and faculty alike. Thus, the screening of audience-favourite, Stree, was organised on the evening of Valentines Day, 2019.

The earlier edition of the screening had successfully witnessed the broadcasting of the popular classic: ‘Rang De Basanti’.

The movie, STREE was particularly chosen after careful consideration I in order to help students gain perspective of the current scenario of our society.

Stree movie is a dynamic representation of our society and how women in our society live under constant fear. The film uses sarcastic and satirical approach to put forth its support towards feminism. The film is set in a village where a man has to live with fundamental restrictions that are generally imposed on a woman in our society. This movie, with its perfect blend of humour and horror, was an absolutely memorable delight.

A gathering of hundreds, sat beneath the sparkling night sky waiting for the movie to start. The eager anticipation was evident by the hushed murmurs of students. As soon as the movie started, the whole Central Plaza was filled with waves of laughter and frightened gasps. By the end of the movie, as the audience was trying to wrap their head around the unexpected ending that ensued, everyone was thinking about who Stree was rather than the exams. The movie screening proved to be a much-needed break from all the rush and tension and saved half of our grades from faculty’s snap. Thus, mission accomplished.