Faculty Interaction

LNMIIT, is a residential campus, not only for all the budding geniuses but also for the faculty members who ignite hope and imagination and guide us throughout our college lives.

There are several questions that arise in every student’s mind: were the teachers they see in the classrooms today same as when the teachers were students themselves? Didn’t they bunk their classes, or feel sleepy during the lectures? Did they always top their exams, and understood each and every subject? Didn’t the teachers do some wacky acts worth telling or have some funny anecdotes worth remembering? 

Well, the answer to all such questions is FACULTY INTERACTION- an informal conversation with the teachers sans the disciplinary environment of a 0ⁿclassroom and filled with an aura of friendliness, being a door to teacher’s secrets.

Media Cell indulged the faculties in talks regarding their tastes in life. Their choice of music, their favorite recreational activities, their childhood stories. The faculties enthusiastically participated and shared numerous experiences of their youth and college lives.

 We got to know how Vikas sir carefully plans his vacations like his lectures to go on long trips and derive pleasure out of them. Or how Joyeeta Ma’am uses retail therapy to deal with her stress. We learned that it is very important to enjoy yourself in the course of life but at the same time, it is essential to work hard to achieve your goals. The interaction was a welcome change from the monotonicity of the classroom.

By conducting such sessions we attested that LNMIIT, residential campus is not only for the development of a student but also for the faculty members who are the major part of this development as they give us direction to the right path and sustain motivation and hope in us throughout the college life. Media cell – LNMIIT succeeded in each session to build a potent relationship between faculties and students by building a secure and blissful LNM family.

Past Events