In the community of others,
A comforting thought prevails!
In the shared thoughts and feeling of our people
Lies the revelation of freedom.
Humanity is sharing, is coming together,
Is confessing experience and thought.
In the light of new conversation and ideas,
Amongst the suspension of reason,
That each new word beholds,
We somehow discover ourselves,
We are liberated,
And yes even justified in the raw testimony of our convictions.

Conversation with a total stranger with blindfolds on! Sounds strangely fantastic? It is.

Media Cell, LNMIIT instigated the second edition of the series ‘Duologue’ on the 19th of August, 2017, Saturday where we successfully accomplished our mission to foster conversations sans judgement and to enable the participants to dwell beyond the physical judgement stage and embrace imperfections.

With the vision of assisting freshmen to connect at an interpersonal level, Duologue facilitated the youngsters to come together to connect deeply through conversation. It helped the participants to go beyond the physical realms of judgement as they conversed with a stranger, blindfolded.

The world we live in has become so complex, so technologically sophisticated and so interrelated that we cannot always know what we think. We cannot form well-judged opinions until we have had the opportunity to learn about the ideas of others. No matter how many books you read, how many lectures you attend and how much introspection you do, you cannot really know what you think about a topic until you have had the opportunity to engage in conversation about it, to articulate your thoughts and ideas and to learn from other people’s points of view.

Media cell offered this opportunity in a safe space where people feel they can trust one another and explore thoughts and ideas and memories that might not be shared elsewhere. Conversing with blindfolds on their eyes helped the participants to explore thought, the human(s) and themselves.

A hard beginning maketh a good ending. The ending of Duologue has imprinted the collection of memories on everyone.The event of endless conversations ended with some informal interaction amongst the participants and Media Cell team, accompanied by some games like “dog and the bone” which added some mirth and enthusiasm in the air. Special Discount coupons were distributed to the Y17 batch sponsored by Ornitoh. In the meanwhile, the participants were distributed the placards written by the person with whom they were conversing. The conjecture and excitement to know how the person at the other end of the conversation has painted their image was clearly visible.

Somehow, a person is a lot more open talking to a stranger rather than someone they know. Without sight, you don’t know the other person’s reaction. One would feel less judged by the other person if they both have their eyes closed.

The general opinion of the Media Cell team!

This simple idea backed the spirit and zeal behind organizing such a great event compelling us to break the golden rule and get chatting with a stranger.  A testament to the event’s popularity and willingness to have a similar event in near future was displayed by the glowing feedback that was submitted by the participants.

Here is a quick look at the amazing feedback received by the team-

Fabulous, an event to be cherished forever!

Why only once a year? Make it happen more often please.

It’s really fun. When you know the other person will not judge you! You get too comfortable and this is awesome!! Thank you to all of our seniors who conducted this event.

Really, such a response and appreciation is mind boggling! We thank you for your time and appreciate your feedback and perspective.

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