Internship Story

Summer Internship at Goldman Sachs- Mahima Kejriwal (Y16)

Meeting deadlines, reaching office on time, impressing the mentor with perfect work and what not. Internship is a wholesome experience filled with ups and downs and lots of learning. So, let’s hear something interesting about interning. We caught up with Mahima Kejriwal to find out about her internship experience at Goldman Sachs. How she was challenged and how she won it with determination. How she finally impressed her mentor and much more.

Neelansh Sethi
Internship Story

Summer Internship at Bounce- Neelansh Sethi (Y16)

Our Senior, Neelansh Sethi from the Y16 batch bagged an internship at the exponentially growing startup, Bounce. He shares his experience at the internship and the knowledge he gained. Read the entire interview to get an insight into the hard work he put in to bag this opportunity.