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On track to bring people together, opening the doors of Journalism in a new way!

About us

Media Cell is the campus news and the PR body of LNM IIT, Jaipur. We are a group of students who have taken this canonising step to incur in ourselves, the students of LNM IIT, the traits of the most powerful yet uncrowned ruler of the world, MEDIA. We have established ourselves by connecting to people and by presenting them with the maintained flow of information effectively.

Our Subdivisions:

United we rise, divided we fall – Media Cell believes the glory and success come to any task only when there is a strong, united and dedicated team put together in harmony.

We have 5 subdivisions:

  • Patrakar – The authors of every script 
  • Goonj – The eloquent presentation experts
  • Framebox – The geeky designers and video editors
  • Connect – The social media maestros
  • Bioscope – The source of entertainment with learning


“The best thing to know is; to know EVERYthing”



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