Event Coverage

Vivacity 2020 Coverage

It’s time to blend infinite colours into limitless shades possible. It’s time to let the rays transform into boundless rainbows. It’s time to witness the unexpected emerge. It’s time. It’s time for you to encounter the ‘Chromatic Chimera’! So where are you off next? Hop on with us and enjoy this experience to the maximum! Don’t miss any updates from Media Cell LNMIIT and Stay Vivacious!


The teams assembled and the voices boomed! Hunkar was filled with enthusiasm and lots of josh! The event is over now, with first position shared by LNMIIT and MNIT Jaipur. IIIT Kota bagged the second position.


Prelims – The group dance battle is over. The teams that shook the stage in the final round are –

Guru Govind


The intense debate competition ended with a neck to neck between LNMIIT and MUJ in the finals.


The event has concluded.


The melodious jugalbandi closed on a high note, with everyone swaying to the tunes.

Mudra Solo Classical

The graceful performances of the classical dancers mesmerised all the viewers! Gwec secured the first position with Modi University securing the second.


The event concluded with numerous painted canvases full of imagiation.

Open Mic

The mehfil of the spoken word and ghazals took everyone by heart. Complete with a bonfire and brilliant performances, it was a heart warming session as the sun slowly moved down the horizon .


The creative and fun event from the Literary commitee has now ended.

Haramkhor Workshop

Haramkhor and Jeeteraho were in the house! It a bliss for all the photoholics!


The expressions were enough to convey even the most deepest of messages! Modi university secured the first position with LNMIIT being the runner ups.


The finals will begun soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

Tattoo tales

The event has ended.


Stay tuned for live updates!


The event is going on! Reach the venue asap!

Spell bee

The event has ended.


The event is going on right now!

Ultimate XI

The event is going on right now! Rush to the venue now to be a part of this unique event!


When the teams performed, it seemed as if new worlds emerged out of the stage itself. The drama event ended with MUJ securing the first position followed by LNMIIT

Scribbled stories

The workshop has begun.

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