Event Coverage

Plinth 2020 Coverage

HERE YOU CAN STREAM ALL THE UPDATES WITH ZERO INTERRUPTION. Sit back with a tub of popcorn and enjoy live updates of one of the biggest Techno-Management Fests of North India, PLINTH’ 20. We the Media Cell, the official media partner for PLINTH’ 20 ensure you that you’ll experience every moment of the all the events in this fest through our updates.


DAY-1-> Startup Weekend is in partnership with Google for Startups. All the budding entrepreneurs are pitching their idea right now in LT-09! STAY TUNED FOR DAY-2 UPDATES! DAY-2-> Behind every great person there is a mentor. The most experienced mentors of this startup weekend have started brainstorming with the participants and are providing them directions. DAY-3-> Finally, a 54-hour competition has came to an end!


DAY-1>The first ever edition of HACKDAY, a 24 hour Hackathon has started and the future entrepreneurs are at work in LT-2.

DAY-2->The first-ever edition of Hackday came to an end. These 24 hrs has experienced some of the most intellectual minds of all time! The organizing committee will announce results on the Instagram handle of EnterBubble.



Mr. Prateek Narang from Coding Blocks has concluded the workshop leaving behind an insatiable quench of curiosity towards competitive coding which will encourage the students who attended the session to pursue their dreams in future.



DAY-1-> All the robots are back to their pavilion and will be back with new modifications for day 2! STAY TUNED FOR DAY 2 UPDATES! DAY-2-> The players are into their pavilion. They’ll be back for Day-3. Stay tuned for day-3 updates! DAY-3-> The 3-day game of soccer finally came to an end!


SANDEEP JAIN, Founder of GeeksForGeeks

After a short question-answer session, Mr. Sandeep Jain has concluded his Talk.

AMAN SANDUJA, founder of TowardsBlockChain

Mr. Aman Sanduja has concluded his talk with sowing the seeds of emerging technology, BlockChain.

Mathangi Sri, Head of Data Science @PhonePe

The talk has been started. After briefly explanation of data science and importance of ML-AI. Talk has ended at 11:45 AM.

Kiran Verma, founder of SIMPLY BLOOD

Mr. Kiran Verma is sharing his knowledge on social entrepreneurship.


DAY-1->Hours of argument came to an end! Will be back with a new mindset for day 2 and -then people will try to change their mind! STAY TUNED FOR DAY 2 UPDATES! DAY-2-> The ambiance at CP is filled with hot arguments as the event has commenced. The topics of Day-2 were: 1. Kya Ache din aagye ? 2.Reservations! 3. How I met your mother is better than f.r.i.e.n.d.s! DAY-3-> 3-day event finally came to an end!


DAY-1-> Racing is an art; but Racing with robots through obstacles, that’s High Art. The racers have returned to their pit-stop and will be back with new modifications on Day 2. STAY TUNED FOR DAY-2 UPDATES! DAY-2-> Racing cars are back into their garage!


DAY-1-> System of all the robots has been shut down and will be back on day-2 with new zeal on a new day. STAY TUNED FOR DAY-2 UPDATES! DAY-2 -> The event is over!


A competitive event with approximately 20 teams of 3 or 4 each. It st arted of today with interesting quizzes themed around robotics and electronics. These will be sorted and results will be announced tomorrow.


DAY-2-> With the dawn of sun, the soaring phoenixes are back to their nest! They will rise on Day-3. STAY TUNED FOR DAY 3 UPDATES! DAY-3-> The flaming phoenixes are back to their nest! They will rise in PLINTH ’21. Till then keep flying!


DAY-2-> And the last nitro car has finished the final lap! With that it’s the end of nitro race day-2. STAY TUNED FOR DAY-3 UPDATES! DAY-3-> And the final car has finished it’s final lap! With that, the flaming event of Nitro Race came to its end! SEE YOU IN PLINTH ’21!


DAY-2-> Asian parliamentary debate has successfully concluded it’s first day, The Debaters will be back on day-3 . STAY TUNED FOR DAY-3 DEBATING UPDATES!

DAY-3-> The first-ever edition of Asian Parliamentary Debate came to an end!


And the Event has started, quiz round about to get over….the quiz will be followed by shortlisting of teams which will take part in the auction! STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES!


DAY-1-> The maze solver has concluded its session for the day! STAY TUNED FOR DAY-3 UPDATES! DAY-3-> And the final maze has been solved. With this, this 2-day event finally came to its end!


The Quest of the universe is over! Results will be announced on Instagram handle of EnterBubble.


The battle of programming brains is over!


The event has finally concluded.


And the journey to the mysterious space has begun. STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATES!


And the battle of imaginative minds is over as the Designing Competition, Pratibimb has has concluded.


Inter-University Programming Competition is over.


The battle of bots inside a cage is finally over!


To all those brave hearts who took this dare has finally concluded this event!

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