Neelansh Sethi
Internship Story

Summer Internship at Bounce- Neelansh Sethi (Y16)

One can never know it all but one can at least attempt to learn it all.”

Lyric Jain

An internship turns out to be the best learning experience of your life where, be it an MNC or a startup, the growth in your knowledge is what matters. This is what Neelansh Sethi from Y16 believed in and did an internship as an android developer working against all the odds who say, “competitive is what defines a good internship”. He worked for Bounce which is one of the most exponentially growing startups of India.

So, we had this interview with Neelansh where he shares all the spheres of his journey from making it to Bounce till contributing to it for good.

About The Company

Bounce is a Bangalore-based startup that manages over 17,000 electric and gasoline scooters. It’s India’s first smart mobility solution, with a mission of making daily commute stress-free, time-saving, reliable and convenient. Here’s how easy it is to bounce: Book a ride on the app> Pick up the bike> Enter the OTP> Ride to the destination and move on.

With the keyless bikes, they are taking on the problems around commute, one city at a time. With a team of super-passionate people and some great ideas, they are riding towards becoming the most preferred mode of commute and changing the way people commute.

How’s it been like to have grabbed such a great opportunity?

Reply: It’s been a nice experience for me. In the beginning, I didn’t know that this would be one of the exponentially-growing startups of the country, however, this startup proved its worth.
Though it was unlike getting an intern at Amazon or other great MNCs, I was absolutely fine working with Bounce because I was looking for an internship to hone my skills and this seemed to me as the best option.

How did you make it to Bounce?

So basically, I started my quest for an internship in April because before that I was somewhere more inclined towards a startup. However, later I thought to go for an internship. And I started applying on LinkedIn and at each and every platform possible.

In the same row, I mailed for an android developer’s internship at Bounce. Even though there was no opening for an internship, I applied and fortunately got selected.

What skills helped you in bagging this intern? Would you like to say anything about our college’s coding culture?

Well, you can ask anyone who has worked on his/her skills and you will find that at the end of the day it’s your perseverance that brings you success. Unless you ain’t putting efforts, guidance is worthless.

So don’t expect anything from the college as it can at most guide you. In the end, it’s your own hard work that will do all the good for you.

What was the selection process at Bounce?

As the company never meant to hire an intern, it didn’t have any selection process in particular.
However, in my case, once they received the mail, they liked my profile and ultimately scheduled an interview round with their android developer lead.
There were a couple of interviews that I had to go through: firstly, there was an HR round where I was asked some basic questions related to me and my current work. Then the android lead interviewed me asking me about all the projects I had worked on and if they ever added value.
Out of all, there was this one initiative by me that impressed him a lot: I, with a few of my friends, helped in shifting the college’s elections from paper to electronic voting which, in turn, made the elections quite fair and free from manipulations. And through this initiative, my skills could help people in real life.

Why did you choose an internship with a startup and not an MNC?

I was always much inclined towards startups and working with a startup was the cherry on top. But, I never had thought of whether to work with an MNC or a startup. All I knew was the work should furnish my skills and carve my personality for the better.

Tell us something about your first-day-at-work experience:

My first day at work was mostly about formalities. I was asked to reach the office by 10:00 am but when I reached there, to my surprise, there was no one! In fact, I was the first at the office.
Somewhere, the work environment wasn’t very strict for it being a startup, so, people came around 11-12 in the morning.

Then I called the HR and she came around 11:30. She made me do all the formalities and paperwork. Then I met the android lead who interviewed me.
Initially, he wasn’t able to recognise me but then I reminded him of our interview and ultimately, we had a great talk that day.

And this is how my first-day-at-work was!

What about the work environment and colleagues?

The work environment was quite good. Besides, I believe the people in Bangalore are most helpful as you will see a kind and helping gesture in everyone’s attitude. So, there was no question of competition as we shared quite a healthy environment where everyone focussed on their personal as well as the startup’s growth.

Our Seniior, Neelansh Sethi from the Y16 batch bagged an internship at the startup, Bounce. He shares his experience at the internship and the knowledge he gained. Read the entire interview to get an insight into the hard work he put in to bag this opportunity.

Did you ever commit a mistake during your internship?

Of Course! After all, “to err is human.”
But those mistakes taught me a lot and overall it laid a good experience of learning for me. And as far as I remember, I never made significant mistakes.

“CGPA matters a lot.” Is it a myth or a reality?

Reply: I would say CGPA does matter, but if you say, “matters a lot,” then it’s a myth.

Basically, you won’t be able to sit for an interview if you don’t fulfil the minimum CGPA criteria and different companies have different CGPA criteria. Therefore according to me, you should have a minimum CGPA of 6+ to be able to sit for all the companies.

Would you like to say anything to your juniors regarding extracurricular?

Well, not in particular. Rather, I will share my story:
During my first year, I was in almost every club. Starting from alumni association to Media Cell, I worked for all of them.

But then, in my second year I realized that I had to start doing something if, by any means, I wanted an internship. So, I started graphic designing for Media Cell then I shifted to android development then to machine learning and again back to android development. I finally stuck to android development and made it my major.

Though I have tried many things and ultimately stuck to one, I would say, this is the minimum you can do to discover your field of interest.

In your first and second year, you have the freedom to explore all areas and without lazing around just dive into as many things as you can. You never know when you may discover your real passion and love out of something!

So, keep learning and keep growing!

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