Cell Outing

The Grand Pool Party

After a fruitful year of thinking, creating, writing, analyzing and improving, it is essential for a group to reconnect and rejuvenate as a team.

On 13th April 2019, the Media Cell family finally proceeded to cherish one of the most awaited and anticipated events of the year, The Pool Party.  

The team took a short bus ride to the Hill Side Resort, which is a small resort near LNMIIT and offers an excellent scenic view. The cameras started working as soon as we reached our destination and it was time to splash away all our worries and gear up for a new and exciting session ahead of us.

We were greeted with a lot of enthusiasm from the staff and a very inviting pool. With a lot of games, a lot of jumping in and out of the pool, a lot of photos, fun, and snacks, we spent a great time bonding and exploring the fun sides of the otherwise hardworking members of the team. A day full of fun, frolic, and laughter concluded with a bus trip back to the campus with us carrying a lot of delicious food to fill our empty bellies, a lot of wonderful memories to fill our hearts and our faces with smiles and a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the coming session.

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