Internship Story

Summer Internship at Microsoft- Shubham Kothari (Y15)

Keep dreaming, keep learning, keep trying.

This is what he deeply believed in and which drove him to do better every day and eventually scored him an internship in his dream company, Microsoft.

The Skill Building Journey

It started off in the second year when competitive coding hit me so hard that it became my field of interest and I decided to pursue it. It took me rigorous efforts during the summer vacations to attain that hold over the basic concepts and skills. However, the real journey started after receiving a rejection from Amazon for the internship which has me realize that I needed to work harder. Thereafter I moved all those extra miles while preparing for the ACM ICPC exam. Finally, those endeavours did bear fruit as I didn’t just clear it rather I was one of those few who completed all the questions before the assigned time.

The Selection Procedure

I didn’t receive a call immediately, but after a long wait got a call from Microsoft regarding an interview. Now the next crucial task was to clear the interview which I did and finally grabbed my 60 days long dream summer internship in Microsoft in Hyderabad.

A Day At Work

The day used to start around 9 and usually went on until midnight and kept our desks piled up with lots of assignments. One of the most peculiar days at work was my birthday; a working birthday. It started off as a conventional birthday and with the notion of celebrating it later in the evening.  However, completing all the assignments took time and I ended up working late into the night. Now when I look back every effort made seems worth it.

Area of Work

I was assigned to the development team of Microsoft Azure under the leadership of a mentor who had 15-16 years of work experience. He guided us through each and every step and tried his best to make sure that all of us are comfortable.

Shubham Kothari and team at Microsoft Office

Colleagues and Other People

I had mates majorly from IITs who were not only excellent in their work but also inspired me to work zealously every day because I wanted to make my own identity among them and show them that I do have the skills to work together with them on the same platform.

These 2 months were not just about working but also creating bonds with people there. I made friends for life, people I’m still in touch with.

Work Culture

The work culture was pretty good and flexible. We used to play indoor games in between our working sessions, chit chat over a coffee in the evening along with our mentor. Also, we had the liberty to sit collectively and work.

An important professional lesson which I learned there that people working together should have a sense of healthy competition and should seek help from mates who are better in a particular field. This is an important requisite for a team to function properly and grow together.

Your five-year plan for the future

I would like to be placed in a good company like Amazon doing great work with the same idea to do better every day. I want to create thing believing that there’s always a scope for improvement and that we should try to put in all our efforts for that improvement. All I want is to keep going, never stopping and always evolving.

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