Internship Story

Summer Internship at AmEx- Akshay Maheshwari (Y15)

Did you always know that you wanted to pursue a technical career in Computer Science?

In school, I took IP as my additional subject but I obviously did not see too much into the future. While looking for a college, I made sure that I would choose Computer Science as my branch.

How did your passion for coding increase over the years in college?

In my first year, I did not do any competitive coding, got involved with fests and club events. I explored, basically.In my second year, I started solving problems online for fun initially. I started devoting many hours a day to coding and that’s when it got intense. I got serious about the online competitions and participated in many of them.

How did you score your first internship?

In my third year, I applied for an internship after consulting a few seniors. I found one on AngelList at Nth Exam, a small startup.

It’s really important to sign up for internships for industrial experience, in the end they matter a lot and strengthen your resume.First round was coding and problem solving round and second was personal interview. To apply for an internship it isn’t required from you to know the technology prior to applying just your coding skills are judged.

People there

It was a small team of close-knitted members. I got a good mentor which helped me a lot.

Work Culture

It took me about 2 – 3 weeks to adjust and get comfortable with their workflow. The reason is way in which a project is managed in a startup is completely different from when we do our college projects.

The age old question, does a student’s CGPA matter?

No matter what everyone says, pointer matters. As when you would want to apply for further studies or a job, you’ll first be judged by your pointers. It is easy to score a good pointer in this college. Just attend every class.

What is American Express?

The American Express Company, also known as Amex, is an American multinational financial services corporation.

How did you get to know about the AMEX Summer Internship?

I got to know about AMEX during my summer internship in 3rd year through a friend.

How did you prepare for it?

The preparation was simple, good command on data structures which I was quite decent at and some basic CS fundamentals. My previous internship helped me a lot during the interview process.

How did you apply?

I directly participated in the first round, that was the coding round, on HackerEarth. This was followed by four interview rounds.

The Interviews

First interview was based on data structures and algorithms. I had to code the given problem on the code editor and run it in real time. So that part was unexpected as in interviews they just ask you your approach or on a higher note ask to code it on paper where exact working is not a concern.

Second interview was resume based and some DS and ALGO questions were also there.

Third interview was scheduled from Gurgaon where mainly puzzles and GK about current technologies such as IOT, ML, Blockchain, etc were asked.

After the third interview, I was informed that they liked my profile and the final interview was scheduled with the Bangalore director where in general resume based questions and real life application based technical questions were asked by him.

How does it feel to be the person in LNMIIT to get an internship in american express?

I am glad that I’ve been offered such a good opportunity for my last semester. I think it would help a lot in building my professional profile and look great on my resume. The stipend is the cherry on top!

What are your future plans?

I plan to sit in the placements , work for about an year after this internship and then go abroad for further studies.

Message for LNMIITians

If I could go back in time, and do it all over again, I’d start competitive coding earlier than I did. No matter which field you choose in Computer Science later on, all the companies will test your coding skills. It’s the only way to evaluate how fast one is at problem solving. Most of the people start in their pre-final year and it’s usually too late by then.

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