Cell Outing

A Trek to the Clouds

Media Cell organized a porter trek on October 14, 2018, to a nearby hill from the college. The trek was organized for the Cell members as the purpose was to build a stronger bond between the new batch and the existing members and also to increase the compatibility among each other. However all the students from the institute were welcome to join.

The whole Media Cell gathered near the college main gate sharp at 5:30 am and started to walk towards one of the most thorny and steep hills of the province, such that mere thought of reaching its top can send shivers down your spine. We started climbing at 6:10 am, members of Y-17 and the coordinators themselves took the lead. As the sun reached on top of the head, parched and exhausted the trek seemed to be never ending but the seniors kept encouraging the young sprouts of media cell and this symbiosis lead to the pinnacle of the hill at 8:15 am. The ecstasy exhibited on the face of Media-cell was priceless as they were held victorious in their war with the hill.

A failed attempt to click a selfie

They celebrated the moment with umpteen photographs, videos, and selfies and enjoyed the picturesque view of LNMIIT surrounded by the benefaction of mother earth. On their descend which started at 9:30 am they found several loose rocks on the way making students tumble a couple of times, already exhausted legs found trembling as to maintain balance on the steep ground with smooth rocks beneath. They reached the bottom at 11:00 am.

The adventure didn’t come to an end as they took a lift from a Truck to reach “OP ki Thadi”-a small tea stall and one of the favorite hangout spots for LNMIITians outside gate number two where you could always enjoy some delicious maggi and a pleasing hot cup of tea. The trek full of songs by some good and many bad singers was concluded with what better than Maggie and a cup of tea, a treat given by our beloved Ex-Coordinator Mr Saurabh Kaushik. The hearts of the trekkers were contented as while scavenging adventure they found a treasure of good memories.

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