Internship Story

Internship at Arcelor Mittal- Sarthak Soni (Y14)


JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau is the largest mining and metallurgical sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is an integrated mining and metallurgical complex, with its own coal, iron ore and energy base.

JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau specializes in the production of flat and long products, including polyester, zinc and aluminum, and also produces sinter, iron ore and coal concentrate, coke, pig iron, steel, including slabs, strip, lonžeronnuû Lane, electric-welded pipes and related products blast furnace and coke-chemical production.

Making it there

The first hurdle that the students of LNMIIT tackled with wit and wisdom was a Google form circulated amongst all the students. Soon after, a list of 25 students was finalized who were expected to issue a Visa within a stipulated deadline.

Who all can apply

All the students irrespective of their branch can apply for this internship in Kazakhstan. The ones who are targeting to get placed at Microsoft should have a go at this internship opportunity in Kazakhstan.  The internship provides a certification for the Active Directory course, which is a pre-requisite for employment in Microsoft. Obtaining this particular prestigious certification is equivalent to finding needle in the haystack for Indian students.

Aim of internship

The internship mainly focused on developing their office network from the very scratch. The basics, as well as all the fundamental theories of Computer Networking, were taught a week before assigning the projects. This helped them fathom out the software systems used for building the network. Soon, they moved on to implementing the projects and deploying it into their networks.

Work Culture

The social interaction and networking was pretty much restricted to team and team mentor. However, interactive sessions that were held became source of inter-personal bonding of interns. The native citizens were eager to know more about Indian culture and believed India to be one of the most prosperous countries around the globe. Every team shared workload within itself by creating two sub-divisions; one handled the IT Department while the other took care of the mechanics. A healthy competitive environment that prevailed throughout their 1-month journey drove each intern to give their best.

People there

All their genuine curiosity about the Indian culture and civilization makes you feel like a celebrity as people are almost always eager to know you and to get a picture clicked with you. The high demand of manpower in Army and security sectors at Kazakhstan justifies exceptional fitness amongst men of the country. The women generally look after the business sectors. Google translator is a must-have even for the tiniest of conversations with the local people out there. Slightly less educated than the average standards, their helping and the co-operative nature is a treat for anyone planning to visit Kazakhstan.

What’s to love about the Place

The thrill of being at a new country along with the independence and freedom one enjoys being away from home makes this internship trip a memorable one. Learning a new culture, their festivals and their traditions warms you up. The 30 -day trip not just builds your career but it ends up building your personality. Lastly, nothing compares to the moments where you carry your patriotism on your sleeves as you portray the Indian culture to the local people. That pride you feel is etched in your memories forever.

Message for LNMIITians

Being an ECE student, I have witnessed the mental trauma students generally go through regarding the insecurities of the future. Someone targeting higher studies in abroad have an added advantage as many of our alumni has been pursuing the same. Coding is an integral part when it comes to placements and hence, everyone should have a basic idea of the same. But most importantly, it’s the memories of these 4 years that would remain with you forever. Make sure it’s a memorable one!

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