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Panel Discussion “Perspective on ending Gender Based Violence”- Grapevine

It’s not enough for women to speak out on the issue — for the message to be strong and consistent, women’s voices must be backed up by men’s.

The same was expected when the Media Cell collaborated with GrapeVine to organize a Panel Discussion on the topic “Perspective on ending Gender-based Violence” in the LNMIIT campus.

The event boasted of 4 erudite personalities from different backgrounds as the panelists with the backing of an enthusiastic and interactive crowd.

While Dr. Garima Shrivastava is the Head of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication and Sr. Assistant Professor in The IIS University, Mrs. Nisha Siddhu is the Coordinator of Mahila Suraksha AVM Salaah Kendra (MSSK) and Dr. Narendra Kumar is the Associate Professor of Humanities & Social Sciences in LNMIIT itself. To maintain a balance between the younger and the experienced generation, the panel had a young panelist in the name of Miss Vanika Sangtani who is the founder of DENIED (a community organization).

There was an unavoidable delay at the start of the event due to the curfew being imposed in the pink city of Jaipur. The delay, however, couldn’t deter the high spirits of the audience.


The discussion commenced with sparing a thought for the worst sufferers of the Gender violence, the women, before progressing to the psychological mindset that goes behind the same.

Mrs. Siddhu was quick to emphasize the importance of equality as the most effective tool to end the violence against women. She shared a real-life incident wherein she taught the importance of women to her 4-year-old child by emphasizing the role played by women in the corporate world rather than portraying the females as the group who only do the household chores.

Dr. Kumar spoke at lengths about the mentality behind such cruel acts and how a culprit goes on justifying his/her actions after carrying out any such violence.

Dr. Shrivastava and Miss Sangtani pointed out the submissive nature of the females as one of the main reasons behind the increasing cases of women violence.

We, as a society, want to talk about ending ‘gender violence’ but every time, we end up talking about ‘female violence’ and in the process completely forgets that there exists another gender, the ‘males’. The biggest challenge, however, remains the fact that we, as a society, don’t even consider it as a ‘violence’ at the first place.

The crowd was seen echoing the same sentiments when they questioned the panelists about the various ways to get rid of this lesser acknowledged violence.

The panelists were presented with a memento as a sovereign and were seen having some light moments with the organizers and the audience as the event concluded.  

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